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Renting a Car on Kauai

Tips and Recommendations

To get the most out of your vacation on Kauai, I strongly recommend renting a car. Here are some tips and opinions to help you find the best value and get the best experience.

My husband likes to say, “It pays to spend,” and I will say that this really applies to car rentals in Hawaii. Personally, I find that the lower-end companies like Budget and Thrifty have dirty cars with fleas and other undesirables. Middle of the road rentals are a bit better.  Hertz, at the top, has been very reliable.

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Family Trip

We love it! First trip to Hawaii, and it was great. Alihi Lani was perfectly set up so we could watch the kids swim, while my husband and I relaxed on the balcony. Very clean, very comfortable and great quality. Thank you!

Anita W.: May 19, 2014

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