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Kauai Juice Company

Kauai Juice Co is a renowned health spot on the island, with three south shore locations in Kilauea, Kapaa, and Poipu– all with incredibly high reviews. Not only do they have delicious in-store offerings, but Kauai Juice Co also has a growing selection of online offerings to ship to all their mainland clients, so everyone can be a part of the Kauai Juice Co ohana. 

Kauai Juice Company - cold pressed, local, organicHumble Origins

Formerly Kauai Kombucha, this company was founded by Kristal Munich in 2010 and had quite a humble beginning. After completing a Kickstarter campaign, Kristal made ends meet out of her own pocket. At the start, she sanitized and reused wine bottles from local restaurants because she couldn’t afford her own, and she was even sleeping in her commercial kitchen at one point, since she couldn’t pay business and home rent at the same time. But all of Kristal’s hard work paid off. Over time, her efforts saw success and she expanded the offerings to include juices and other healthy products, changing her business name to Kauai Juice Company. During her time with Kauai Juice Co, Kristal met and married her life and business partner, Dylan, and, in 2014, they opened their first retail outlet. The business has seen abundant growth and success since, and Kristal won Hawaii’s young entrepreneur of the year award in 2019.  

Abundant Offerings

Through their three locations and online presence, Kauai Juice Co. offers a wide variety of products. In the store you can try a wide variety of beverages: cold pressed juice, kombucha, cold brew coffee, hand pressed nut milk, and even health elixirs. They also offer grab-and-go food, supplements and herbs, bone broth, and hot sauces! As an experienced chef, husband and business partner, Dylan contributes to the recipes for Kauai Juice Co’s fermented foods and their popular hot sauces. These hot sauces, as well as their kombuchas and elixirs, are all available in stores across Kauai. Their online products include Kauai honey, hot sauces, spreads, salts, oils, elixirs, merchandise, and much more. 

For One and For All 

The Kauai Juice Co team prides themselves on a dedication to wellness and sustainability. Their goals are to help individuals and help the community. For individuals, they want to meet everyone where they’re at and offer accessible options for healthy living. For the community, they want to support the economy and agriculture of Kauai by directly working with dozens of local farmers to procure fresh and delicious organic produce. By using glass bottles for everything they sell, Kauai Juice Co promotes sustainability and minimizing island waste.

Kauai Juice Co hot sauce is a breakfast favorite on Alihi Lani #4 lanai
Kauai Juice Co’s Kiawe Smoked Hot Sauce is a favorite condiment of some of our guests, though they now have 14 to choose from!

What are you waiting for? Head over to one of Kauai Juice Co’s South shore locations when you’re in the area!


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