spicy tuna furikake bowl at Kauai Poke Co

Kauai Poke Co.

Kauai Poke Co.Kauai Poke Co. is a fantastic food truck, featuring authentic, mouthwatering dishes focused on delicious fresh fish.

The History of Poke

Poke is a dish first created in Hawaii, and very important to Hawaiian culture. Fish has always been a key part of the Hawaiian diet. Traditionally, Polynesian fishermen would cut reef fish into chunks, then season it with salt, seaweed, and ground kukui tree nuts. In the 1970s came the first written recipes for poke, a phrase meaning “to cut into pieces”. Poke has spread quickly to other cultures, producing different variations on flavors and ingredients. However, traditional poke is nothing like the mainland bowls in the contiguous United States– those bowls are full of rice or other grains, with an assortment of vegetable toppings and a very small serving of fish. Authentic poke is all about the fish and its quality. It is cooked in a specific way, using specific seasoning and oils and methods to bring out a rich depth of flavor. One of the biggest advocates of Hawaiian poke is Sam Choy, an island native and renowned chef. Known as Hawaii’s culinary ambassador, Choy has participated in Kauai poke festivals and shown live demonstrations of how the classic dish should be prepared.  

spicy tuna furikake bowl at Kauai Poke Co

Furikake spicy ahi poke bowl at Kauai Poke Co.

The Menu

Kauai Poke Co. provides an authentic Hawaiian experience. All their bowls are made with 100% fresh ahi tuna and daily made sushi rice. They have a selection of unique options, including the “plantation poke bowl” featuring inamona nuts and kabayaki, their spicy bowl with Japanese kewpie poke, and another spicy bowl starring furikake. They also have gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options, utilizing fried tofu, sweet potatoes, and local greens and veggies. 

Kauai Poke Co. also offers scrumptious appetizers, such as furikake fries or shrimp tempura, and plates, such as fried ahi katsu, smoked kalua pork, Korean chicken, and more. 

Located at 3540 Koloa Road, Kauai Poke Co. is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am-2pm. You can even call or text in your orders: (808) 652-5767. It’s a wonderful way to experience the rich (and delicious) history of Hawaiian cuisine.  

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