Kong Lung Historic Market Center directory map

Kong Lung Historic Market Center

The Kong Lung Historic Market Center displays the heart of Kilauea’s community and history. Visit the array of shops nestled among historic wooden buildings, merging the town’s plantation era with contemporary boutiques, home goods, and restaurants. 

Kong Lung Historic Market Center directory map

Kong Lung Historic Market Center directory map

The History 

The Kong Lung Store was constructed in 1941, its original wood was replaced with stone by the Kilauea Sugar Company. The store was operated by the same people it provided goods to: plantation workers. It was originally open from 2am to 5am, and workers would head to the plantation fields afterwards. 

Kong Lung Historic Market Center


Browse a variety of goods handcrafted by local artisans, such as high end jewelry, authentic clothing, housewares, art, soap, candles, and more. These quaint shops are family-owned and make you feel like family as well! 


For a luxurious sit-down meal, head to The Bistro and enjoy fine Pacific cuisine. If you’re in need of a quick bite, stop by the Sushigirl Kauai stand for fresh sushi and poke bowls. Looking for more casual sit-down or on-the-go fare? The Kilauea Bakery & Pizza has what you need, including pastries and danishes, sandwiches, soups, salads, specialty pizzas, and calzones. Palate Market sells a wide variety of wine and liquor, and also serves fresh deli sandwiches. They even have a wine bar, with a curated selection of wines and a variety of small-plate-style food options. 


One of the most notable places to go at Kong Lung Market is the Black Dog Gallery. This small gallery is dedicated to original works by contemporary artists, and provides children and adults alike with hands-on painting activities. Another famous attraction is the award-winning outdoor Photo Retrospective, “Recollections”. This large scale retrospective displays life before, during, and after the plantation era of Kilauea. 

The Kong Lung Market is a charming place to visit, from exploring Kauaiian culture and history and getting to know the locals!

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