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The Fresh Shave

It all began in a small trailer in 2014, where Daniel and Priscilla Soule started a shave ice shop using a hand crank and organic ingredients. Mid-2021, they moved into a brick and mortar Koloa location. 

The Fresh ShaveThe Vibe

The Fresh Shave’s name has a fun double meaning: they’ve infused their business with a barbershop feel by naming each of their flavors after a mustache style. Some of their most popular flavors include the Chevron (coconut and lime flavors, topped with coconut chia seed cream) and the Fu Manchu (strawberry and banana flavors with sweet cream and topped with strawberry puree and bananas). They even have non-fruity options, like their Dirt Squirrel (cold brew coffee flavor with sweet cream) or their Lip Luggage (chai tea with sweet cream). All of their straws also come with mustache stickers you can even wear while you enjoy your shave ice! This branding helps The Fresh Shave stand apart and help their customers have a fun, engaging, and shareable experience. This is especially important to the Soule family, as they have four children of their own who interact with customers and share the aloha spirit.   

The Fresh Shave Kauai shave ice in KoloaThe Ingredients

It’s not just about a unique experience, though. It’s also about dedication to quality. The Fresh Shave seeks to serve the best all-natural shave ice, with organic ingredients and local farm fresh produce. Simple and pure shaved ice provides a healthier alternative, aligning with the Soule family’s original core values, centered on Aloha (love), Aina (land), and Ohana (family). They believe that the way food is prepared is just as important as how it’s grown, and due to this, their shaved ice is entirely handcrafted, including homemade syrups and hand cranking the ice to make it fluffier and more delicious. The Fresh Shave cares about serving their customers and supporting their community with tasty and healthy treats. 

Want to get your hands on a cold, refreshing treat? The Fresh Shave is open in Koloa Wednesday through Saturday, from 12-5pm. 



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